The Martina camp’s first 100 days

Since her first day in office this past March, the GACC South’s newly inducted President and CEO Martina Stegmeier has represented our chamber at dozens of seminars, conferences, expositions, openings and business events, has traveled in a countless number of cities in over half a dozen states around the country and in Germany, and successfully hosted her first GACC South Board of Director’s meeting during this month’s Annual General Meeting. After asking how she feels about all the traveling and work that she’s done, she had just one thing to say: “Good!”

Sunday, June 9 marked Martina’s 100th day with us as the GACC South’s President and CEO. She’s been incredibly busy since she officially took the leadership reigns this past March, and has been building upon the network she had already established as first a trainee, then a consultant, manager, director and eventually vice president in our office. She’s been revisiting lots of familiar faces over the last few months, and steadily furthering our goal to widen the chamber’s network and to be received but all over our region.

Martina has officially resettled in her new home and we couldn’t be happier about it. Congratulations to our fearless leader on her first 100 days in office – here’s to the next 100!

Martina with Dr. John Horack, Vice President of Research at the University of Alabama Huntsville, during our Annual General Meeting in May.


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