A visit from Argentina…

This was the first time that I visited an AHK Chamber outside MERCOSUR, so you can imagine how excited I was to see how the Chamber is organized in Atlanta.

After work beer with Juan Pablo.

From the very beginning everything was amazing. The first day was surprising – the office style reminded me a lot of how some of the German companies in Argentina are set up. The moment I first stepped into this office I could immediately feel the spectacular work environment. Good energy, friendship and a great work attitude. The most important thing, however, you can actually see how people are really passionate about what they do.

During my visit to the AHK Atlanta I realized that we all face the same challenges and it is great to learn about other countries’ management and styles. I will return to Argentina with great ideas that will be very useful to both the AHK Argentina and myself.

This experience has once again demonstrated the importance of the cultural exchanges the AHK Chambers have to offer, and emphasized the numerous beneficial things you can learn by working at a German chamber of commerce. Just think about it: I am an Argentinean, working for a German institution, visiting the U.S. – how amazing is that??

I will miss Atlanta and all the things it has to offer. I will always be thankful for this experience and all the people I have met here. Everyone has been so nice to me during my stay, that I appreciate every moment I have spent here.

Muchas gracias!!!
Juan Pablo Vicente De Domini


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