Serving the Community – BLG Logistics lends helping hands

Autumn surrounds us as October comes to an end.

The leaves change hue and fall gently to the ground; we wake up to a cool brisk morning as the sun awakens and brightens our day.

However, this month is more than what seems like a tranquil setting of a work of art and instead serves as a reminder to how quickly Mother Nature can change; turning the beautiful into a scene of devastation.

It also serves as a completion of relief efforts by the GACC South and BLG Logistics, Inc. following a series of tornadoes that swept through the Southeast U.S. in April 2011; with the worst of the devastation occurring near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in which BLG Logistics offices are located.

BLG works with volunteers during construction.

Witnessing the aftermath of a natural disaster has been heartbreaking, but the human response and the generosity of people throughout the recovery have been genuinely inspiring.

Soon after the aftermath, employees of BLG Logistics immediately volunteered in cleanup and repair efforts. In the months that followed, the GACC South and BLG Logistics partnered with the Salvation Army to provide distribution services for donated items from members of the GACC South in the Atlanta area.

In total the GACC South and BLG Logistics raised and donated over $7,000 to the Soma – Holt Community Center for the construction of a new playground in one of the heaviest impacted areas.

Smiling faces after a hard day’s work.

Earlier this month, BLG Logistic employees once again volunteered to construct the new playground with Soma and Holt.

In all, we have been overwhelmed by compassionate generosity shown by people and companies we’ve worked with on this effort.  The work, and our gratitude shown by our members and supporters, will continue as long as there are people in need.


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