Celebrating a Year with Porsche Consulting

While Porsche is world famous for its iconic sports cars, it’s not the only thing the company excels at.

Porsche AG is also renowned for its pioneering breakthroughs, having undergone its own in the early 1990’s by establishing its subsidiary Porsche Consulting GmbH, who a year ago founded its North American subsidiary Porsche Consulting, Inc. in Atlanta.

This point was well made by Dr. Norman Firchau, President & CEO of Porsche Consulting, Inc. while celebrating the company’s one year anniversary.

Speaking to an audience of a hundred guests, including Porsche Consulting GmbH CEO Eberhard Weiblen, Dr. Firchau spoke on the shared attributes between parent and subsidiary company to lead its respective industries based on the principles of design, evolution, innovation, and performance.

Dr. Norman Firchau, President & CEO of Porsche Consulting, Inc. and Porsche Consulting GmbH CEO Eberhard Weiblen welcome guests to the evening celebration.

It only seemed fitting to also address the progress of Porsche Consulting GmbH, which began as four employees in 1994 and grew to a globalized network of 300 team members and one of Europe’s leading consulting companies; with 15 residing in Atlanta.

During the evening celebration, a pen simulation exercise was conducted to demonstrate the company’s process of optimization. Armed with four colored pens and a sheet of paper, participants were tasked to draw four lines each in the best time-efficient way possible.

It was only after applying the concepts of Porsche Consulting’s lean management style did the participants achieve their best results in a time of 17 seconds after initially completing the activity in 1 minute and 15 seconds.

The anniversary of Porsche Consulting, Inc. brought a hundred smiling faces together to remark on a memorable twelve months.

Throughout the evening, old memories of the past twelve months were remembered as new ones were made.

We look forward to commemorating the second year as the company continues to inspire leaders, managers and employees to embrace change and empower them for sustainable performance improvement.


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