Looking Back and Moving Forward – Together

Like most people, I started my day enjoying a cup of rich, flavorful bliss –a spoon of cane sugar and a splash of cream.

As I finished, I glanced at the bag responsible for getting me through most mornings and noticed it read: ‘These fresh Colombia beans from the Andes Cordillera provide a rich flavor in every cup.’

My thoughts immediately considered what my AHK Colombia colleagues were doing at that moment.

Nearly a month has passed since Mr. Alexander Steinberg visited our office, a welcomed collaboration to understand how our fellow AHKs do business in various regions of the world and what our office can do in supporting our sister organizations.


The GACC South staff welcomes Mr. Steinberg of AHK Colombia to Atlanta.

During his stay, Mr. Steinberg was kind enough to discuss cultural insights and business operations within the South American country as we hosted our members during an evening meet & greet.

Since returning I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Steinberg, who remarked on his time in Atlanta by saying, “Having launched our Business Representation services earlier this year, to be able to learn about the success of the Atlanta BR team and the process it took to get to the point where the service is now was an informative experience. I will always remember my time in Atlanta and all the people I met there. It was truly an enjoyable visit.”


What do you think?

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