Exchange Programs – Now and Then

Written by Iris Gombert

Earlier this month we welcomed a group of students from Detmold, Germany to our Atlanta office while they participated in the Halle Exchange Program with Atlanta Technical College.

Speaking with the students and hearing their excitement about having the ability to gain an inside account on the role of the GACC South and the impact of German companies here in the Southeast reminded me of the time I spent as an exchange student.

Although the program I participated in concentrated heavily on cultural learning between the Sister Cities of Marietta and Liz am Rhein, I was able to improve my professional outlook by traveling the region and discovering the city.

Today, current exchange programs, such as the Halle Exchange, shape business skills even further by focusing on workforce development. As I write this, the students are now receiving hands on training with German companies throughout the region by participating in internships.

However, one aspect that remains no matter if the exchange programs lean towards cultural or business is the fact they are a great opportunity that allows the younger generation to experience the U.S. or Germany in different ways.


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