Germany-US Relations Brewed in Georgia

written by Mark Wolfe & Catherine Tuten

The GACC South recently welcomed six German alcoholic beverage producers as they explored business opportunities within the state and throughout the southeastern US. Featuring brandies, beer, cocktails, liqueurs, and wine, the delegation was funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Consumer Protection and took place from August 26-30.


A wide variety of wine during the Product Tasting event at the GACC South’s office.

During the visit, our guests gained valuable insight into legal differences, product liability, FDA regulations, and labeling requirements in the US market. In addition to the personalized one-on-one meetings organized by the GACC South’s Consulting Department, the attendees also participated in tours of local breweries and retail outlets.


The German Alcohol Delegation together with our President & CEO Martina Stellmaszek, Silke Miehlke, Director Consulting and Catherine Tuten, Manager Market Entry Services.

Highlights of the week included the Product Presentation and Tasting Reception, which were held at the GACC South’s office. The Tasting Reception, “A Taste of Germany”, facilitated networking opportunities for our participants with importers, wholesalers, restaurateurs, and American consumers.

One thing is certain: a thirst for a variety of new choices exists stateside and we hope to see our friends here soon.


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