“(Re)Discovering Germany Workshop” at the North Carolina Central University in Durham

by Katharina Wilke & Elisabeth Doehne

Discovering Germany through an academic exchange, fellowship or research program is one of the most rewarding and exciting ways to study and teach abroad. The good news is that in a country that has often been called the pulse of European innovation and which has a longstanding academic tradition, the doors for all those interested are wide open!

On September 12, 2013 the Cultural Vistas and the DAAD hosted the “(Re)Discovering Germany Workshop” at the NCUU in Durham, NC. It was an interactive workshop that informed international educators from U.S. colleges and universities about research, study and professional opportunities in Germany that Cultural Vistas and the DAAD offer to students, researchers, faculty and departments. This year’s workshop featured new exchange programs and funding opportunities for 2014. The event was part of a workshop series that Cultural Vistas and the DAAD have organized across the U.S., usually in cooperation with German consulates, GACC local chapters, Goethe-Institutes and other institutions focusing on Germany. The benefits of participating in such an exchange are powerful and plentiful. Participants can study or teach at prestigious universities, technical colleges, and graduate schools or work as a researcher or faculty stuff on special projects. Funding is often generous and fun aspects include student life, a broad cultural spectrum, traveling, and learning German.

GACC South Membership Coordinator Katharina Wilke holding her presentation during the workshop

GACC South Membership Coordinator Katharina Wilke holding her presentation during the workshop

Committed to advancing transatlantic exchange, the goal of the workshop was to equip international educators with knowledge about the opportunities in Germany that are available to their students, faculty and departments. The workshop accommodated around 35 participants, most of whom were study abroad and fellowship advisors, registrars, career services staff, as well as faculty members and deans. The GACC South Membership Coordinator of the Carolinas Katharina Wilke held the opening remarks on the topic “Why Germany?” and to participate in the panel discussion. The workshop was great and informative and was very well received by all attendees.


The 35 participants are following the opening remarks and presentations enthusiastically.

The slides and more information on the workshop
are available online.


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