Swirl and Twirl: Ice Skating & S’mores

Written by: Christine Kuehl

It wouldn’t be winter without a spin on one Atlanta’s most celebrated ice rinks. On December 2, 2013, the GACC South Marketing team laced their skates and swirled away at the St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead. The sparkling lights, hot wine, and festive atmosphere put everyone into a Christmas mood.

Throughout this late fall, many at the Atlanta office were involved in all the 18th Annual Gala preparations. When the GACC South team heard about a planned ice-skating night at the St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead,  it was a real perk after all the extensive arrangements and the follow ups for the Gala.

ice skating


Even if Christmas is just around the corner, the mild weather in Atlanta makes it difficult to get into the spirit of Christmas.

But at the St. Regis with its authentic Gingerbreadhouse, the magnificent Christmas tree and the beautiful, colorful decoration, it was clear that it wouldn’t be long until the holidays.

After admiring the decoration inside, the team made their way up to the 6th floor where the ice-skating rink was installed on top of the pool. The first attempts on the ice were more or less successful. Some had to be supported with two hands. Others showed off gallant moves and turns on the ice. Provided with hot ‘Glühwein’ and a lot more training, everybody improved their skills quickly.

ice skating 2

Feeling good about burning some calories on the ice, the team deserved to eat delicious S’mores, an authentic American treat: Marshmallows heated in the fire and put between a piece of chocolate and two cookies. There were even special hazelnut and peppermint marshmallows waiting for us. It was a perfect end for an evening full of fun.


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