Conference Takeaways: Globalism in Today’s Workforce

5 things to know about the global workforce of tomorrow:

1. Soft skills are an important aspect of educating a skilled workforce. In Georgia, programs like GeorgiaBEST (Business Ethics Student Training) prepare high-school seniors for the workforce. 

2. For companies, investing in economic and workforce development is key to becoming world-class competitors. This mindset is shared by successful corporations around the world.

3. It is all about education, certification and globalization. These connections, provided through programs and incentives, are vital to prepare current employees and trainees for advanced education, skill certification, training and employment.

4. More programs and incentives that link secondary and post-secondary education with industries can provide opportunities for both graduates and companies.

5. The German vocational training model that is implemented by some German-American companies in the U.S., and especially in the South, has generated positive impulses throughout the nation.


These are some of the takeaways from the ‘Globalism in Today’s Workforce’, a conference organized by Auburn University’s Center for Governmental Services, which took place on May 29 at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta. More than 60 attendees gathered to address the chances and challenges pertinent to today’s global workforce. The symposium stressed the importance of the topic; and emphasis was placed on national and regional development issues that encompass education, certification and globalization of today’s labor market.

Speakers with a wide range of expertise in finance, government, intelligence, education, international business and education were present. GACC South Vice President Stefanie Jehlitschka was among the speakers on ‘Trends in the Global Marketplace”.

More information about the Globalism in Today’s Workforce conference.


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