Christmas at the GACC South

Written by Nicole Prybula

‘Twas the 5th of December, when all through the office,
The GACC South team was dressed in Christmas costumes, everybody looked flawless!

The staff replaced pantsuits to show off their Christmas cheer,
In hopes that the costume contest victory soon would be theirs.

The staff remained hard at work,
making sure to remain in their zones,
While bells and bows danced on top of heads, as they talked to clients on the phones.

PR dressed up as an elf, and I as Cindy Lou Who
from the Grinch,
BR was wrapped as a present, who knew making these costumes
would be such a cinch?

When it became time to judge the costumes,
there arose such a chatter,
Too many great outfits to choose from, it was quite the matter.

Two dressed up as a Tree, the tacky Christmas
sweaters made a jingle,
One Baker, One “Atlanta Snow Storm”, so much Christmas spirit in this office mingle!

Most Traditional, Most Creative and Funniest could be won,
But who would it be? Good thing we could choose more than one!

The winners received awards to be shown off and framed,
We listened to Christmas carols and ate cake,
Someone had two pieces…. though thou shall not be named.

Now the Christmas spirit is high, we are all full of glee,
So a message to thee, on behalf of the GACC:

To our members, to our friends, we say to you with great cheer,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy New Year!



We would like to thank Kuehne + Nagel, Inc. for sponsoring our Christmas tree again this year!

It looks wonderful.


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