GACC South Consulting Paints the Town Red… and White and Blue and Black

Written by Amy Merrill

Recently the GACC South’s Consulting Team had the chance to discover their inner Picassos. Each quarter, we abandon our desks and phones after hours in order to relax and take part in a little non-work-related team building. For the most recent outing, the Team gathered at the studio of local Atlanta business Dip’n Dab to spend an evening of creative fun with paint and canvas.

With helpful hints from our Dip’n Dab instructor, we created our masterpieces based on the example artwork selected for the evening. Inspiration struck and our ten artists-in-residence made the canvases their own, expressing their individual taste and style in a palette of white, red, blue and black. Each turned out as unique as their creators, but I think they all revealed the hidden talents of our consulting staff. As I am sure you will agree.


From the semi-post-modern “Flamingo De-constructed” to the romantic expressionism of “The Lovebirds” (both humans and actual birds) to the unintentionally abstract “Squird,” the paintings displayed a remarkable range of creativity, as well as a preference for thinking outside the box – or canvas, as the case may be.

Did I mention that the title of the example piece was “Girl with Balloons”?

Who knew the GACC South harbored so much artistic potential in its midst? In the end, and most importantly, the experience was a great chance to both indulge our painterly muses and have fun as a team outside the office. Another successful outing accomplished – and we all got to take home a lovely work of art to show for it.



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