The GACC South Company Outing Gives to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter

Written by Nicole Prybula

Once a year, Houston and Atlanta colleagues unite for the GACC South company outing to enjoy each other’s company outside of our traditional work environment. This year, the GACC South staff embraced their inner child for a day of puzzles, riddles and challenges to earn toys for the Atlanta Children’s Shelter.

Starting off with a traditional German breakfast in the board room, Nutella and Fleischsalat charged everyone’s brains to prepare for a day full of activities. Each department utilized this time together to share updates on the outlook and planned programs for the rest of the year.

Following breakfast, the Porsche Board Room transformed into ‘Arts & Crafts’ time, as everyone decorated their own “Jutebeutel”. From flowers to college mascots, everyone’s innovative creativity showed through the cut out potatoes and fabric paint.

Fueled with energy and excitement, the group then packed a large cooler and headed to Piedmont Park to enjoy the rest of the beautiful, sunny day outdoors.

The GACC South teamed up with Atlanta Challenge LLC to complete a scavenger hunt around Piedmont Park that included photo challenges, brain teasers, code deciphering and even some rapping.

Split up into teams of 6, each team utilized each other’s strengths and appreciated each other’s differences to combine brain power and complete each task within the allotted amount of time.

In the end, every team was a winner as each team used their earned points to choose selected toys to be donated to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter. We are overjoyed to contribute to such an admirable organization and to provide joy to homeless children across Atlanta.

Lessons of the Day:

  • When we share tasks, we can work more efficiently
  • How to multitask (walk, navigate, solve a puzzle, search for clues & snap a picture at the same time)
  • A few of the GACC South colleagues have some mad rapper skills
  • How to fit 6+ people in one selfie shot

Thank you to our colleagues, Katja, Katrin & Konstantin for their great planning of this year’s company outing!


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