The First 102 Days in Office: Meet our newest employees via haiku

The GACC South Blog is back!

We give our readers an insight into the GACC. Expect to see more posts as we ramp up our blog activity again.

Knock Knock

The GACC South hired six new team members approximately 102 days ago.

To represent their endeavors, the new employees wrote haikus.

When writing a haiku, one must be precise in their language. Our team had 17 syllables to tell a story.The syllables of their haikus add up to the approximate amount of days they have spent working at the chamber, 102.

Why 102?  We modeled this post after the frequently used “First 100 Days in Office” publication written by presidents and other official offices.

We aren’t presidents, so we kept this one a little more lighthearted.

Meet the GACC South’s newest employees and get a better idea of what they do. Click on any of the haikus to get the writers’ meanings of their poems.

Rafaela Hadba – Events Coordinator

Plan and organize
To meet, greet, learn and get wise.
Come to our events!

Kristina Stauf – Membership and Events Coordinator in the Carolinas

A great new venture
In sublime community.
I joined the upswing.

Katharina Dahm – Office Management Coordinator

Open a spreadsheet
Chew on the end of a pen
frown as if thinking.

Mahdis Gharaei – Trainee U.S. Market Entry Services

I joined the Germans
Right into Hannover Fair.
Powerpoint for life!

Catharina Schaefer – Events Intern

Our swift beginning
Led to exciting events
and formed a great team.

Robby Gadd – Communications Coordinator

GACC South,
What exactly do you do?
Quite a bit, you’ll learn.

Until next time,
Your GACC Team


One thought on “The First 102 Days in Office: Meet our newest employees via haiku

  1. What a cool idea and a very talented effort! My favorite haiku is Katharina Dahm’s. Looking forward to reading your next blog.

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