U.S. Expansion Made Easy


The initial leap over the ‘pond’ can be an intimidating prospect for German small- to mid-sized companies. Starting operations in a foreign market is never easy or simple, especially with a time difference of at least six hours and a multi-hour – and sometimes multi-stop – flight between parent companies and local subsidiaries. But don’t fret, there’s help!

One of the most dynamic market entry services offered by the GACC South in Atlanta and Houston is what we call “Business Representation”. Developed and pioneered by the GACC South over two decades ago, numerous AHKs worldwide now offer this valuable service to companies from Germany that are looking to establish an international presence.

A Business Representation arrangement offers German companies a flexible and economical option to quickly establish a presence in the U.S. Represented companies can use the GACC’s address and be assigned a local phone number. Our GACC representatives step in to handle the day-to-day tasks and assist with the challenging situations most every new and growing business faces.

We help with essential customer service needs, order processing, license and permit applications, bookkeeping and administrative support, trade show organization, market research and numerous other sales and marketing activities. This allows companies to “test drive” the US market with a manageable initial investment.

Strategically, the Business Representation makes a lot of sense. The service can be adapted to meet a client’s individual needs. For some, the service is the ideal, short-term solution to ramp up operations for one or two years; others have relied on it as a perfect fit for their long-term U.S. goals. We have clients who have been with us for over 12 years! The service was Originally designed for companies with no local employees, but developed into a lean administrative base that companies use to support their field staff or home office employees, for example those in service or sales.

Roughly 50 clients from a wide variety of industries use this flexible solution for their initial dive into the U.S. market. In our Atlanta and Houston offices we have a total of six dedicated employees providing this service to clients. We primarily support German clients but welcome interested entrepreneurs from other European nations. Our client list has included companies from Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain and the Czech Republic, among others.

It’s a great concept with proven potential. So the only question remaining is…why not take the plunge?


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