Gedore Tools, Inc. Grand Opening

Last Thursday, July 1, our President & CEO Kristian Wolf took a trip up to North Charleston, SC to celebrate the grand opening of the Gedore Tools, Inc. new headquarters and distribution center. Gedore Tools, Inc. makes over 4,500 tools for the automotive, aviation, and wind power industries. Also in attendance at the celebration were North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey and Executive Director Dirk Berg from The Gedore Group world headquarters in Remscheid, the “tool city” of Germany.

“It is fascinating to see how this traditional tool company has been able to become a big player in some of the largest industries driving growth here in the Southeast, from aviation to automotive to renewable energies,” said Kristian, when asked about his experience at the opening. “North Charleston offers them a great home, with the soon-to-be addition of the new Boeing plant, BMW, and more. They couldn’t be in a better place for the industries they serve.”

Kristian went on to talk about how Gedore truly satisfies all the great stereotypes of German engineering. They have excellent research and development that produces a quality product. Even down to the most simple pair of pliers, they make the type of product that makes you feel as though you should go find something to fix. We wish them great luck in their new facilities, and know they will do well in North Charleston.

Gedore executives officially open US headquarters. From left: Dirk Berg, Executive Director - The Gedore Group in Remscheid, Germany; North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey; Kristen Wolf, CEO & President - German American Chamber of Commerce; Timo Winter, President-Gedore Tools, Inc. (USA).


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